The idea to create a Group of Research on Digital Paleography was born during the workshop Digital Approaches in Greek Palaeography organized in London on December 14, 2018 by Gabriel Bodard and Klaas Bentein.

So far, GoRDiPal organized a panel on Digital Humanities in the 29thInternational Congress of Papyrology in Lecce and a one-day workshop following the Neo-Paleography Conference in Basel on the specific topic of virtually joining papyrus fragments.

In the future, GoRDiPal plans to organize online discussions on regular basis (three to four times a year) between the member projects and scholars to be kept informed of ongoing progress on the topics of

- Computerized analysis of ancient handwriting: extraction from the background (binarization, enhancement, multi-spectral imaging), classification, measurement, cluster of characters...

- Writer identification: datasets, methodology, visualisation

- Virtual reconstruction of fragmented manuscripts 

Other topics can be suggested by the members.

For further information and registration, please contact Isabelle Marthot-Santaniello