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Join us for Iliad international public reading


The department of Ancient Civilizations of the University of Basel has participated in the Homer Reading that took place all over the globe on Friday, 22 March 2019. The public reading gathered 7’500 readers in 50 countries in the world. Celebrate with us the most ancient poet of Europe!

Videos are accessible here

The booklet is available for download (see link below)

Read more about the International Public Reading: http://festival-latingrec.eu/lecture-iliade/

D-Scribes was in the news: https://www.badische-zeitung.de/basel-steht-an-zwei-tagen-ganz-im-zeichen-von-homers-ilias#downloadpaper

Additionally to the lecture, an exhibition took place at the University library where the two Iliad papyri and several research projects from the department of Ancient Civilizations were presented. The exhibition will take place from the 21.03. to 10.04.2019.