Public reading of Homer's Iliad

D-scribes took part in the International public reading of the Iliad on March 22nd, from 10-11 a.m. in the Rathaus (town hall). At this occation, we read aloud our favourite passages of Homer's Iliad, among them the texts which are preserved on the two papyrus fragments belonging to the University’s collection.

The texts were read in the original Greek, and in German, French and Italian translation.

All the texts and German translations are available here.

1. Das Proömium der Ilias (1,1-7) 

(German: Johannes Nussbaum, Ancient Greek: Pedro García-Baró)

2. Aphrodites Verführungskunst (3,373-447) 

(German: Prof. Joachim Latacz, Prof. Anton Bierl, Dr. Magdalene Stoevesandt)

3. Hektor und Andromache (6,399-465)

(Italian: Stefania Tateo)

4. Nächtliche Beratung (10,102-147) Papyrus P.Bas. 27b

(German: Johannes Nussbaum)

5. Der Schild des Achilleus (18,478-540)

(German: Prof. Leonhard Burckhardt)

6. Achilleus und Agamemnon versöhnen sich (19,145-153 und 215-237) Papyrus P.Bas. 27d

(French: Dr. Isabelle Marthot-Santaniello, German: Johannes Nussbaum)

7. Priamos und Achilleus (24,477-551)

(German and Ancient Greek: Prof. Joachim Latacz, Prof. Anton Bierl, Dr. Magdalene Stoevesandt)