Papas case study

The bilingual archive of Papas, pagarch in the years 660-670’s, has been found in 1922 in a jar in Edfu and transferred in the French Institute in Cairo. Roger Rémondon published a hundred of Greek documents in 1953 but the Coptic side was left mostly unstudied. Since 2016, a dozen of scholars have meet regularly to work on this archive as part of a project first entitled "Edfou trente ans après la conquête arabe". Since 1 January 2019, "Edfou au VIIe siècle" (Edfu in the 7th century) is an IFAO program co-directed by Anne Boudhors and Alain Delattre with which D-scribes is in close collaboration. Most of the papyri were broken into small pieces and the challenge addressed by this case study inside D-scribes project is to classify and reunite them.


R. Rémondon, Papyrus grecs d’Apollônos Anô, DFIFAO 19, 1953.These files are downloadable here and will soon be available in the forthcoming IFAO’s Digital Library of out of stock publications.

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Video from Neo-Paleography Conference

12. Identifying hands and styles in the Coptic papyri from Edfu (Papas' archive): Anne Boud’hors

Conference "Treasures from the Jar: Reconstructing the early stages of Islamic rule in Egypt thanks to the papyrus archive of Papas (Edfu)"in Basel and online, Nov. 2-4 2021 organized by d-scribes.