23 May 2022
14:30  - 16:15

La Rochelle

La Rochelle University

Congress / Conference / Symposium

Computational Systems for Ancient Written Artefacts (CSAWA)

D-scribes is proud to co-organize the special session "Computational Systems for Ancient Written Artefacts" (CSAWA) in conjunction with the 15th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis System (DAS)

DAS - Session 3: Historical document analysis + CSAWA (Monday 14:30 - 16:15)

  • Recognition and information extraction in historical handwritten tables: toward understanding early 20th century Paris census
    Thomas Constum, Nicolas Kempf, Thierry Paquet, Pierrick Tranouez, Clément Chatelain, Sandra Brée and François Merveille
  • Importance of Textlines in Historical Document Classification
    Martin Kišš, Jan Kohút, Karel Beneš and Michal Hradiš
  • Historical Map Toponym Extraction for Efficient Information Retrieval
    Ladislav Lenc, Jiří Martínek, Martin Prantl, Josef Baloun and Pavel Král
  • Information Extraction from Handwritten Tables in Historical Documents
    José Andrés, Jose Ramón Prieto, Emilio Granell, Verónica Romero, Joan Andreu Sánchez and Enrique Vidal
  • Named Entity Linking on Handwritten Document Images
    Oliver Tüselmann and Gernot Fink
  • Pattern Analysis Software Tools (PAST) for Written Artefacts
    Hussein Mohammed, Agnieszka Helman-Wazny, Claudia Colini, Wiebke Beyer and Sebastian Bosch
  • TEI-based Interactive Critical Editions
    Simon Schiff, Sylvia Melzer, Eva Wilden and Ralf Möller

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