30 Nov 2023
09:00  - 17:00

Warsaw, Poland

Computational writer identification and style comparison of Greek papyri : a state of current research.

Stonecutters and Mosaicists at Work: Identifying Craftspeople and Their Workshops Through the Lens of Epigraphy


Abstract: Papyri from Greco-Roman Egypt are a major source of information for philologists and historians. They have however reached us in fragmentary state, often without any archaeological context. The growing availability of digital reproductions combined with recent advances in Computer Vision involving Machine Learning now allow applying state of the art methods to these ancient documents in order to identify their writers and cluster them according to similarity of letter shape. This talk will present the work done in the scope of d-scribes project (SNSF Ambizione, 2018-2023, Basel) and the new perspectives that will be investigated in EGRAPSA project (SNSF Starting Grant, 2023-2028, Basel).  

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