1. Computerized Paleography: Tools for Historical Manuscripts: Nachum Dershowitz, Adiel Ben-Shalom                      

3. Identifying Dead Sea Scribes: A Digital Palaeographic Approach : Gemma Hayes, Maruf Dhali 

5. Quantifying Medieval Latin handwriting with Script Analyzer : Timo Korkiakangas 

7. Describing Handwriting: With Archetype and Beyond : Peter Stokes 

9. For a Palaeography of Demosthenic Papyri : Lorenzo Sardone  

11. How to unmask a digraph scribe? Apollos’ Greek and Coptic styles in the Aphrodito Byzantine Archive : Loreleï Vanderheyden 

13. The Fayyumic Coptic Documentary Papyri: Issues of Palaeography, Formats and Dating : Esther Garel                                                             

15. Palaeographical Analysis of Coptic New Testament Manuscripts in the Institute for New Testament Textual Research Münster : Katharina Schröder 

17. Re-assembly of pottery fragments using deep learning : Marie Beurton-Aimar, Cecilia Ostertag 

19. Learning free document image binarization : Tanmoy Mondal 

21. Dating of Historical Manuscripts using Image Analysis & Deep Learning Techniques : Imran Siddiqi 

2. Digital Palaeography of the Dead Sea Scrolls for Dating Undated Manuscripts: Mladen Popović, Lambert Schomaker, Maruf Dhali 

4. Script Analyzer: A Tool for Quantitative Paleography:  Vinodh Rajan Sampath

6. In Codice Ratio: a gateway to paleographical thesauri : Elena Nieddu, Serena Ammirati 

8. The Python in the letterbox – epigraphic palaeography with Archetype : Simona Stoyanova 

10. More than a simple intuition. Towards a categorisation of palaeographical features in Greek documentary papyri : Yasmine Amory 

12. Identifying hands and styles in the Coptic papyri from Edfu (Papas' archive) : Anne Boud’hors 

14. On the History of the Alexandrian MajusculeChristian Askeland 

16. Digital Support for a Paleographical Assessment of the White Monastery Manuscripts : Alin Suciu, Ulrich Schmid                                                    

18. Writer identification in historical document images : Vincent Christlein                                                                 

20. Recent Advances in Graph-Based Keyword Spotting for Supporting Quantitative Paleography : Andreas Fischer 

22. On the utility of color for shape analysis : Vlad Atanasiu, Peter Fornaro