Past events

28 Jul 2022

Congress / Conference / Symposium

" a New Resource for the Papyrological Material from Aphrodito” with J.-L. Fournet

30th International Congress of Papyrology
27 Jul 2022

Paris, France

Congress / Conference / Symposium

Digital Palaeography: the new perspectives offered by computational handwriting analyses

30th International Congress of Papyrology
11 Jul 2022


Congress / Conference / Symposium

Digital Palaeography and Documentary Hands in D-scribes Project

12th International Congress of Coptic Studies
29 Jun 2022 - 01 Jul 2022
09:00  - 17:45

Uni Mail, Geneva

Congress / Conference / Symposium

Swiss Landscape of Digital History

Swiss Congress of Historical Sciences
24 Jun 2022

Leipzig university Library

Congress / Conference / Symposium

“From Restoration to Digitization, Edition and Computational Research: P.Bas. 2 and d-scribes projects in Basel” with T. Hügli

Sixth Papyrus Curatorial and Conservation Meeting
07 Jun 2022

Elder Museum of Science and Technology

Univ. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

"Writer Retrieval and Writer Identification in Greek Papyri" with M. Seuret

20th Conference of the International Graphonomics Society (IGS 2021)
31 May 2022


Univ. Parma, Italy

Digital palaeography, D-scribes project and the Research Environment for Ancient Documents (READ) platform

Digital Papyrology 3.0. Digital Encoding and Critical Edition of Greek Papyri: perspectives and progress. Video accessible.
23 May 2022
14:30  - 16:15

La Rochelle

La Rochelle University

Congress / Conference / Symposium

Computational Systems for Ancient Written Artefacts (CSAWA)

D-scribes is proud to co-organize the special session "Computational Systems for Ancient Written Artefacts" (CSAWA) in conjunction with the 15th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis System (DAS)
03 May 2022

Univ. Basel

The Materiality of the Iliad Papyri: What can be learned from a Digital Paleography approach?

Ringvorlesung Gräzistik FS 2022 Hellenika kaina: Bedeutende Neuentdeckungen der griechischen Literatur
09 Apr 2022

“Battelle” campus of the University of Geneva

Univ. Geneva

“What type of document is it? Reflections from two ongoing projects (d-scribes and”

Typology workshop of Grammateus project